Making systems talk to each other is our specialty.

Product Management Integration

Project Management Solutions share information with eCMS in real time or near real time so your field team knows what’s coming and when, corporate knows what costs are coming and issues are headed off before they even begin to cause an issue.


Change Orders

HRIS Integration

HR Onboarding, Benefits and more.  Gone are the days of using your HRIS to cull qualified candidates gathering reams of information, making the hire,  defining deductions, benefits and all the federal reporting information that is required today THEN rekey that information into eCMS.   Today using INRS HR/PR integration module you hire them in HR and you are done, we take care of syncing all the relevant data into eCMS and to your HR system if needed, and you can cut them a check… its that simple.   No rekeying, no adding additional information after the fact in eCMS, we can do it all.

Demographic Information

Benefits Open Enrollment
Bulk Employee Updates
HR and PR


ADP Payroll
Collect your payroll data just as you do today. When its time to print checks INRS will capture the check data
so you can transmit it to ADP. Then process your payroll thru as normal but you don’t print checks or handle
deposits. ADP does all of that for you automatically and sends you a cash disbursement and your done

ADP Tax Management
Periodic and Quarterly annual tax filings handled for you by ADP. Our
ADP Tax solution gathers the information you need for each type of filing,
formats and transmits it throughout the year.

Express Employee Maintenace – Maintain employee data in one place for both HR and PR
Express T&M – T&M the way it should be, simple, fast and no nonsense
Express Budgets – Give your project managers the ability to upload and maintain budgets,
submit for approval and then publish to eCMS and your project management solution.
Maintain everything in one place and update everywhere!

Field P.O.
Generate a P.O. in the field, from your tablet or smart phone, take a picture of the receipt
and send it back to the office. Done…. Workflow approvals, document captures, lookups based on
eCMS data fully integrated with eCMS purchasing.

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Field A.P.
Don’t use the eCMS purchasing system? No problem, create your P.O. process it thru our
AP workflow, capture the invoice when it comes in and publish the completed invoice into AP directly.

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Field Requisitions
Generate item demand in your third party product by using our integration to bring it into the INRS AP
or P.O. system. We take care of getting the data ready for eCMS. All data is validated and accurate
before we allow it through our system. Users can choose to create P.O.s to submit to vendors for bids or break
them into multiple bids/PO. Bids/ P.O.s can then be fed into our AP and P.O. solutions, or not be managed
by our system at all. We can black box our solutions so the data flows thru without user intervention directly
into eCMS. If at any point the data validation fails, users are notified via email of
what failed automatically.

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Time Management
Import data from any time clock system as long as they support a standard CSV, JSON, XML format.
We organize the data by crew, site or individuals providing defaults for most fields. Split time across
multiple employees and cost distributions in seconds and then publish to eCMS Payroll Import for
review and validation before updating the payroll work files.