INRS App Integrations

We strive to bring you latest field and worksite management technology. To us, that means working with some of the leading companies in the industry to keep your company ahead of your competitors. We have been working with our integration partners for years, and are proud to share the benefits of those connections with you. 

HRIS Integrations

HR Onboarding, Benefits and more. Gone are the days of using your HRIS to cull qualified candidates gathering reams of information, making the hire, defining deductions, benefits and all the federal reporting information that is required today THEN rekey that information into eCMS. Today using INRS HR/PR integration module you hire them in HR and you are done. We take care of syncing all the relevant data into eCMS and to your HR system if needed, and you can cut them a check… its that simple. No rekeying, no adding additional information after the fact in eCMS, we can do it all.

Project Management Integrations

Project Management Solutions share information with eCMS in real time or near real time so your field team knows what’s coming and when, corporate knows what costs are coming, and issues are headed off before they even begin to cause an issue.